Business Award 2010

Southend Fitness and Boxing Gym

Life is good when we're in your corner. Want a hard core? Then go hard core! Our latest methods and old school tactics forge a body for go, not just show. Swinging sledgehammers and flipping tyres may not look pretty, but as some of our members can attest, the results are.

Join us for a tug o'war in the car park, medicine ball relay races in the park, speed climbing sessions in the gym...

With classes such as Bag Battle, Female Fighters, Boot Camp, Parkour and Warrior Workout... best tell your mother you joined LA.

We'll get your heart pumping, adrenaline flowing, spirit soaring and fat burning in less time than it takes to spell it. At The Locker Room, we know our members names, not their membership numbers.



Daley Thompson

Southend Boxing and Fitness Gym