Boot Camp

Boot Camp every Thursday 6pm - 7pm

Free to Members

Non Members guest pass just £7.50

Get ready to run the steps like Rocky but without the raw eggs!

Lose your spare tyre by flipping them!

Don’t think of our BOOT CAMP and what we do as “working out.” Instead, think of it as going to a party where we serve Powerade instead of beer, the music is pretty loud and the crowd is really cool.

You’ll hit things, throw things and chase things with a bunch of like-minded lunatics. After it’s over, you’ll walk out of there feeling invigorated, inspired and indestructible.

Regardless of your age, ability or experience, we can teach you how to box like a pro or train like an athlete. Exercising shapes you, but what we do defines you. It’s much more than just a workout, it’s an identity. Taking yoga class doesn’t make you a yogi, but after training with us you’ll start to look, think and feel like a professional athlete.