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Our team of WCI's (world class Instructors) promise 3 things...your heart pumping, adrenaline flowing and spirit soaring!

Discounts available for block sessions and group bookings...please ask! (Prices may vary) Email for more info

One to one personal training: This is the best way of improving yourself physically and mentally. When you train in this manner, our PT’s can get to know how you work, they will push and motivate you and most importantly find out what works best for your body type. A lifestyle assessment will be talked about in your free consultation. Once together we have established what your personal fitness goals are, our trainers will put a realistic tailor made training profile and program together for you, taking into account your work patterns and time - schedules to allow your training to fit into your weekly routine as smoothly as possible.

Lifestyle Assessment: This will be talked about in your free consultation. Once you have established what your personal fitness goals are, a trainer will put a realistic tailor made training profile and program together for you, taking into account your work patterns and time - schedules to allow your training to fit into your weekly routine as smoothly as possible.
Fitness Testing: At your consultation, your trainer will put you through various fitness tests all designed to check your internal and external health before beginning on an exercise program. TEAM Locker Room recommend that you visit your GP to get the all clear before beginning an exercise program, especially so if you have not done any strenuous activity for a while.
Optimum Nutrition Advice: All our trainers are qualified in nutrition and dietary advice. This very important component of any fitness routine and lifestyle is the other half of the coin as far as your success with reaching your personal fitness goals. We will show you how to eat right. How the body best uses the food that you eat and how to feed yourself properly to give you much more energy as well as ensuring your food plan is as efficient as your exercise program.
Life Coaching: Do you have unfulfilled goals in life? What stopped you from reaching your goals? Life Coaching will help you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It is not therapy and it’s not counselling; it’s simply about using your existing talents and skills and focusing them, fine-tuning them, so that you can achieve more than you have before.
Corporate Services: Any companies, who require personal training in their private gyms / offices, or group personal training, please get in touch. Programs can be put together for individual staff and trained one-to-one or group sessions can be done. Discounted rates will apply if multiple staff / sessions are required.
Bodybuilding: If your interest is bodybuilding, we can put a program together for you from the beginning. With this type of training you are aiming to get bigger and stronger muscles and be in full control of sculpting and shaping your physique / figure. Nutrition plays a vital role in bodybuilding as with all exercise routines. You must be consuming enough first class proteins and complex carbohydrates to put on muscular weight and increase strength, as well as training intensely enough to stimulate gains! A personal trainer is excellent for bodybuilding because they can motivate and push you as well as act as a spotter and training partner for the heavy iron! Please contact us for further details…
Obesity Problems: If this is a serious problem for you, we can help. There are many different reasons why people can get very overweight. Tackling the personal reasons for this as well as doing physical training is the key to reducing your bodyweight. Please do get in touch……
Stress Management: Exercise is a great way to relieve tension and stress. It is a natural stress buster!! If you work in a stressful environment all day, it can have profound effects on the body as well as the mind. A positive change to your lifestyle is always going to help, no matter how small. Food also is essential to the body’s proper functioning everyday. If you don’t eat right you can feel low on energy, always dragging your feet, continuous weight gain and always feel like you need to sleep! Re-prioritise your lifestyle, make the changes, andlet’s get a program together today...
Injury Rehabilitation: Sports injuries can be a major set back to athletes and everyone else too! Trying to find or get the right treatment for you quickly is important. TEAM Locker Room has access to excellent professionals in this field. Please contact for details...
Exercise Prescription: A personal trainer will put you on an appropriate exercise routine which is suitable for you and take you through it each and every session. Whatever your level of fitness, your routine will be challenging and varied. You will not get the same old thing every time; a workout should be fun as well as progressive.
Weight Loss: Britain has currently the 2nd highest rate of obesity in the world! If you are overweight and you want to do something about it, start here. There is no “perfect guaranteed” workout routine or “diet”. At last count, there were over 750,000 diet books out there that claim to have the answers. Anyone who seriously wishes to lose weight must make it a priority in their life. It’s not something that just happens although some people will always find it easier than others. Your genetics play a part, hormones, and the lifestyle that you currently follow is major factors. Also if you are not active daily and always snacking on high calorie foods, or even just not eating at all in the daytime and eating a big meal in the evening, weight loss will not happen as it should. Just to top it off, it gets easier to add weight as you get older too! The best way of losing weight and keeping it off whilst at the same time toning and shaping your body is to follow a balanced eating food plan and a sensible workout routine. Easier said than done, sure, but the changes you can make for and to yourself will boost all areas of your life. Let a personal trainer fill you in on the technical details on how to achieve your weight loss goals and be there for you to ensure you reach them.

Weight Gain: If weight gain is your priority then look no further. If you need to put lean muscular weight on for a particular sport, or you feel underweight, or you want to build up and get bigger and stronger, no problem. Trying to put on weight can be just as difficult as trying to lose it. With the right training program and appropriate food plan, you can achieve your goals in a surprisingly short period of time. If you want to know exactly what you need to be doing, train with a personal trainer. You will get some awesome workouts.
Group Personal Training: Personal training is the best way of improving ones self mentally as well as physically. Training in a group can be great since the group can motivate each other and push each other. A trainer can put together an effective program and ensure that you are getting the most out of the sessions.