"What sets The Locker Room apart from other gyms is James's knowledge and commitment to the training, culture and appreciation of boxing"
- Sugar Ray Leonard (former 6 times World Champion)

"Stand in front of a mirror...put your hands up and make a fist. The person looking back at you is a fighter. At the Locker Room they don't make life any easier, they just make you tougher!!"
-'Iron' Mike Tyson (former WBC, WBA and IBF Undisputed Heavyweight champion)

"The most rewarding thing to me is seeing the difference the Locker Room has made in my life, I see people walk in as doctors, lawyers, actors, models and students and walk out as fighters. Boxing instills hope, courage and conviction."
- Laura Fitzgerald (Locker Room member)

"As soon as you set foot in the door the buzz that this club creates along with the group camaraderie that the trainers seem to capture and cultivate is obviously the reason why the results speaks for itself"
- Big Joe Egan (Former Irish Champion, ex sparring partner of Mike Tyson and regarded by him as the toughest Whiteman on the Planet)

"I cannot stress how happy I am I joined the Locker Room. The workout is unreal, the attention is amazing, i've never been in over my head. The employees are great and everyone is friendly and the best part is there is a community aspect to the place. I sometimes think what I would miss most if I left Southend and the Locker Room would be number 1."
- Carlos Sanchez Locker Room member)

"A great non intimidating enviorment for Adults and Juniors and the guys there really make everyone feel welcome, good luck with the gym, keep punching"
- Steve Collins (former WBO Super Middleweight Champion)

"James truly become a force to be reckoned with during his amateur boxing career conceding over 55 KO's in 131 contests, this power packed puncher took significant steps to ensure he was in tip top condition for every fight, an unfortunate exit from his unbeaten pro career, a sad day for one of Ireland's greatest prospects"
- Nicolas Hernandez Caruz and Felix Savon (3 times Olympic Gold medalist and mentor to Nicolas Ireland's National Boxing Coach)